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Ask A Senator: Week 3


What are the SGA Senate Committees and what do they do? 

All of the Student Senate Committees serve as advocates for registered student organizations as well as the entire student body. They are made up of select senators focused on delivering the services and help students need.

The Conference Registration and Travel (CRT) Committee approves bills for travel, registration, and conference expenses. The CRT Committee can allocate up to $250.00 to any individual or $1,500.00 to any student organization once per fiscal year . If a student or registered student organization requests more than $250.00 or $1,500.00 the request must be made to the Student Senate by a Senator in bill form. The bill must passSenate with a majority vote.

The Financial Allocations for Organizations (FAO) Committee oversees the Senate Working Fund and the Office Supplies Account. The FAO Committee can allocate up to $1,000.00 for student organization one time per semester (fall, spring and summer). The FAO Committee can also allocate up to $100.00 for student organization one time per fiscal year for office supplies. FAO hears allocations and bills for events, performances, etc. on campus.

The Operations Review Committee (ORC) reviews and investigates the use of all funds allocated through the Activity and Services Fee to ensure that they are being used properly. ORC handles all Post Event and Post Travel Forms and approves promotional material.

The Campus Relations Committee (CRC) ensure Senators are engaging with their college, and maintaining open communication with students, contacting their assigned registered student organizations, advocating for Senators to participate in SGA funded events, create and facilitate student outreach events, and create legislation to recognize events that have impacted our campus.


The Legislative, Judicial, and Rules Committee (LJR) reviews legislation and recommends changes concerning the Student Government Constitution, Student Body Statutes, and Senate Rules.

The Elections and Appointments Committee (E&A) interviews and passes favorable or unfavorable appointments made by the Student Body President. The E&A Committee is also responsible for reviewing and making changes to the Elections Statues (Title VI).

The Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) reviews local, state, and federal laws and legislation that directly affect the student body at UCF. GAC also debates, amends, and passes measure pertaining to Governmental Affairs.

The Senate Leadership Council (SLC) Ad-Hoc Committee oversees the Senate Leadership Council and discusses ways to empower the SLC students with knowledge to make a successful transition from a student to a Student Senator.

To contact the Chairs of these committees for further information, please visit the Student Government Association website.


- Campus Relations Committee Ryan Grail

If you are an RSO or student looking for assistance from Senate Jaclyn Graham, Senate President Pro Tempore, and Ryan Grail, Campus Relations Committee Chair, are here for you.

Each week they will be answering 3 questions that RSO’s and students can use to make the most of their student experience when seeking funding for events and conferences. They will also be providing interested students with resources and info on how to get involved with Senate.

For more information email Senate Graham at or Senator Grail at

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