Your rights are your rights and they are constantly changing. Join the growing number of informed students who know what it means to be a knight. If you are under the age of 21 your parents will be notified upon your second Golden Rule violation. Though they may be disappointed or mad about your conduct you should involve your parents or legal guardian as soon as possible. The full informa[...]
Students are now able to rent TI-30XA and TI-83 Graphic Calculators free of charge at  All Knight Study 1. Calculators will also be available in All Knight Study 2 once it opens. Sponsored by SGA, the calculators can be rented twice a week by students for a period of 24 hours each. Though students are not charged, damaged or stolen calculators will result in a hold placed on the corresp[...]
  What is the SGA Student Senate? Senate group of 58 elected students at the University of Central Florida who serve as a voice on behalf of the students in their college. Every one senator represents 1,000 students. The 58 seats are divided amongst the different colleges, with the number of seats dependent on the number of students enrolled in the college. There are 7 standing committees- C[...]
The holidays are a special time to be with your family and friends. Do not let stress or worry bog you down in the days to come. Celebrate the holidays and reflect on the success that you have had. Start a New Year with a dedicated focus on ascending to even greater heights. Remember to relax, be safe and have the fun over this winter break. For those of you who have graduated, we wish [...]
Original photo by Benjamin Esham The Aim Higher Campaign consists of many components and leaders but it is, at its core, founded upon one simple message. Students are the key to Florida's future and continued success. We students are the next generation of engineers and scientists. We are the next generation of nurses and entrepreneurs. It is imperative that the state of Florida a[...]
  Tips #1 : If you are interested in becoming a member of the Student Senate and there is a vacant seat in your college, you can apply for the position and possibly be appointed by the Student Body President, Cortez Whatley. If not,  Senate elections are held every fall. More information can be found  on the SGA website.   Tips #2 : As the legislative branch [...]
If a student feels as if their rights are violated during a student conduct hearing, they can appeal directly to the Vice President of Student Developmental Enrollment Services. When an infraction is committed or in its aftermath, an incident report can be filed with the Office of Student Conduct (OSC).If this filing is found to have merit, OSC will then move to notify the student that charge[...]
• Monday - November 26 (5:00 p.m. - 5:50 p.m.) Speaker at SHRM - Business Administration Room 121 Carol Taylor, a Health Reform Expert, from Beacon Benefit Consulting will be speaking on 'Health Care Reform. Additional Public Info: If you would like more information please 'like' us on facebook at 'SHRM at UCF' • Tuesday - November 27 (11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.[...]
As the Summer semester comes to a close, so to do the sun-filled beach days and bright memories of the past month. In its stead comes the potential that is Fall semester, the doorway to a new year and limitless possibilities. For some of you this will be your first foray into the UCF experience and we welcome you with open arms. Black and gold will soon come to be colors you fall in love with and [...]