What is the purpose of the Activity and Service Fee? The purpose of the Activity and Service Fee is to provide students at UCF with various activities and services such the Recreation and Wellness Center, Student Legal Services, Knight LYNX, free printing, the Student Union, and the affiliated agencies. - Activity and Service Fee Budget Committee Chair Anthony King  What does the Activit[...]
   What are the SGA Senate Committees and what do they do?  All of the Student Senate Committees serve as advocates for registered student organizations as well as the entire student body. They are made up of select senators focused on delivering the services and help students need. The Conference Registration and Travel (CRT) Committee approves bills for travel, registration, and conference [...]
  What is the SGA Student Senate? Senate group of 58 elected students at the University of Central Florida who serve as a voice on behalf of the students in their college. Every one senator represents 1,000 students. The 58 seats are divided amongst the different colleges, with the number of seats dependent on the number of students enrolled in the college. There are 7 standing committees- C[...]