Students who find themselves facing academic probation, suspension or even expulsion have the right to a fair and impartial hearing. Their registration status also cannot be changed by the university until after a decision is reached. UCF can never go as far as to abridge the rights of students. So whether you are seeking parking appeals, grade appeals or student conduct issues you can take[...]
­­ On Friday, February 21, 2013 Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., the son of one of Orlando’s first African-American police officers, will be educating students on their rights according to the Constitution and UCF’s Golden Rule. His presentation will begin at 12:30 p.m. and conclude at 2:30 p.m. in the Student Union room 218A. Judge Perry currently serves as the chief judge of Florida’s Ninth Judic[...]
If you are in a RSO it is important to know that any student organization can be held responsible for its actions or the actions of one or more of its members (active or inactive). Though this may bcome as a shock there is no minimum number of group members who must be involved in an incident before disciplinary actions may be taken against the organization. In some instances, the conduct o[...]
All students have the freedom to hear, write, distribute, and act upon a variety of thoughts and beliefs. Students who do not follow the proper steps when distributing information on campus can be found in violation of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule Handbook states that "Non-University or off-campus printed materials shall not be distributed or circulated by students or student organiz[...]
Your rights are your rights and they are constantly changing. Join the growing number of informed students who know what it means to be a knight. If you are under the age of 21 your parents will be notified upon your second Golden Rule violation. Though they may be disappointed or mad about your conduct you should involve your parents or legal guardian as soon as possible. The full informa[...]
If a student feels as if their rights are violated during a student conduct hearing, they can appeal directly to the Vice President of Student Developmental Enrollment Services. When an infraction is committed or in its aftermath, an incident report can be filed with the Office of Student Conduct (OSC).If this filing is found to have merit, OSC will then move to notify the student that charge[...]