During the spring semester each year, it has been a tradition for Greek organizations at the University of Central Florida to participate in a week-long series of alcohol-alternative events, known as Greek Week. Although the majority of Greek Week attendees are students in fraternities and sororities, all UCF students are welcome to attend. The goal of Greek Week is to create programs and events t[...]
This past Thursday, March 22, the UCF Student Senate held its weekly meeting and passed resolutions for Eternal Knights. These resolutions, written by Campus Relations Chairman Matthew Goodison-Orr, were passed to commemorate the lives of our fellow Knights who have passed away over the last year. The families of those who passed will be presented with the resolutions during the Eternal Knights ce[...]
The National Organization for Women at UCF, also known as NOW, was created in 2005 with the vision of providing a strong feminist presence on our campus, in our community and throughout our country. According to NOW, political, social and economic forces deprive women of safety from violence, fair and equal treatment in the workplace, access to reproductive healthcare and comprehensive sex educati[...]
It’s election time! It‘s nearly impossible to walk around campus and not notice the giant gold and black signs that say Cortez and Rachel and King and Katz. Both sets of individuals are running to be your Student Body President and Vice President. Elections are held this upcoming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’ve been on campus in the past during Presidential Elections, you realize that a l[...]
After receiving the "Event of the Year” award last year from UCF’s Knights of the Round Table, the UCF Medical Symposium Executive Board was very excited to accept the challenge of making this year’s Medical School Admission Symposium a success for the fifth year in a row. With the help of the American Medical Student Association, International Medical Outreach, the Pre-Professional Medical Societ[...]
The Division of Communications, which falls under SGA’s Executive Branch, is primarily responsible for promoting SGA sponsored events and services. This year, the division’s director is Amanda Newby, a senior majoring in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. As the director, Amanda’s job is to oversee the other members of the division, as well as any major initiatives and events. Prior to se[...]
You’ve noticed the random yellow buckets everywhere. You’ve seen the spontaneous flash mobs in the Student Union. You’ve heard the ear-splitting Hanson music playing and the somewhat ubiquitous phrase, “It’s For The Kids!” All of this can only mean one thing. Knight-Thon, UCF’s very own dance marathon benefitting the Children’s Miracle Network, is rapidly approaching. Knight-Thon is UCF's large[...]
This past month, members of the UCF Student Government Association made their way up to the state capitol in Tallahassee to lobby our legislators on the importance of higher education. During our visit, we met with several lawmakers and explained to them that the budget they allocate to the University of Central Florida impacts our overall college experience. More importantly, we emphasized that a[...]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ORLANDO, Fla. (Feb. 23, 2012) – The UCF Student Government Association is widely known across campus for its fun events, popular scantron service and free giveaways. This month, however, SGA is focused on turning students’ attention away from the free T-shirts and toward a more serious subject: their rights and responsibilities. Know Your Rights Week, which launched in 201[...]
Community. Advocacy. Passion. Change. The Darfur Awareness Group at UCF makes it its goal to encompass all of these traits, so that everyone in the community may see its unwavering desire for change and action. Although it hasn’t been around for very long, the organization has done its part in impacting the UCF community, as well as the atmosphere in rural, war-torn areas of Africa. In a short tim[...]