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Aim Higher Florida: Students Are The Key to Florida’s Future & Continued Success

Original photo by Benjamin Esham

The Aim Higher Campaign consists of many components and leaders but it is, at its core, founded upon one simple message.

Students are the key to Florida’s future and continued success.

We students are the next generation of engineers and scientists. We are the next generation of nurses and entrepreneurs. It is imperative that the state of Florida adequately invests in higher education and, thus, in the businesses and communities of Florida as a whole.

President Hitt and student body president Cortez Whatley, along with many other university presidents and leaders, gathered in Tallahassee this morning to ask the legislature to invest $118 million in the students and future of Florida.

With this investment Florida’s university presidents have agreed to not seek tuition increases for the upcoming academic year.

“For the sake of Florida’s students, businesses and communities we need to keep a college education affordable and accessible to all,” said student body president Cortez Whatley.

The Aim Higher Campaign was created to enable students to echo this sentiment and their support for additional funding of Florida’s university system to representatives in Tallahassee.

“Students, we need you to be the driving force behind this movement,” said President Whatley. “Call your elected official. Tell them your personal story.”

Students, if you believe that the state should invest in your education, encourage the state of Florida to Aim Higher by investing in you.

For more information on Aim Higher Florida and how to get involved with supporting the funding of higher education visit the links below and connect with UCF’s Student Government Association and Aim Higher Florida on Twitter and Facebook.

Aim Higher Florida: 

UCF’s Student Government Association: 

For all media inquiries and requests contact Funlola Falade at

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