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SGA Spotlight: Steve Della-Valentina


As this school year comes to an end it is easy to get caught up in preparing for the next year without acknowledging those who’ve made this one a success.  UCF’s Student Government Association recognizes this so, before the transition and planning begins, they want to say thank you to Steve Della-Valentina.

For the past three years, Steve Della-Valentina has worked tirelessly as SGA’s web coordinator and all-around problem solver. He is skilled at what he does, dedicated to his role in SGA and a pure pleasure to work with.

Unlike most members of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch his interaction with students is limited. In spite of that, his work has improved the college experience of thousands of UCF Knights. On a normal workday, in between classes or game design, you will find him focused on codes on a computer screen. His fingers will deftly dance across a keyboard as if he is a master pianist and, fittingly, you will hear Two Door Cinema club softly playing from his speakers.

As SGA’s web coordinator for the past three years he has rebuilt the website from scratch twice, created SGA’s first blog, implemented live streaming of SGA events, created a sign-up service for various student services, designed an online vision board and so much more.

At the age of nine he taught himself the basics of HTML on At thirteen MySpace taught him the programming language CSS. At fifteen he received a huge paying project for web design and at seventeen he became a web guru of Three years ago, he received a campus wide email requesting a webmaster for SGA. He responded because he simply wanted to get involved.

Now, three years later, he is preparing to graduate and applying for jobs he will most certainly receive.

As Steve reflected on his time in SGA he had this to say:

“You do not have to be interested in politics to enjoy SGA, but rather, interested in making a change on campus. SGA is all about creating initiatives and new services that benefit all students, and the truly passionate ones will make those initiatives come to life.”

As we reflect on Steve’s time in SGA we say thank you. Thank you Steve for all that you have done. You are, and will always be, loved by us.


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