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Know Your Rights: Expression of Thoughts & Beliefs

Know Your Rights

All students have the freedom to hear, write, distribute, and act upon a variety of thoughts and beliefs.

Students who do not follow the proper steps when distributing information on campus can be found in violation of the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule Handbook states that “Non-University or off-campus printed materials shall not be distributed or circulated by students or student organizations without first being stamped by the office of the Director of the Office of Student Involvement

The distribution of materials or circulation of petitions to captive audiences such as those in classrooms, at registration, in study areas, or in residential unit is also not allowed without prior permission.

Full information concerning students right to hear, distribute and act upon various thoughts and beliefs can be found in the Golden Rule Handbook under section UCF-5.006 (student rights and responsibilities).

For specific questions on what will happen if you are found in violation of Golden Rule you can contact the Office of Student Conduct.

A hard copy of Golden Rule Handbook and The Rules of Conduct can be found in the  Office of Student Conduct. For more information on your rights and to receive personal guidance through the student conduct process, be sure contact LaShaunda Hayes, SGA’s Judicial Adivsor, at

Remember Knight’s Know Their Rights. Stay informed!

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