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Know Your Rights: Get Up & Get Involved

Many students don’t realize that because they are citizens of the Knight Nation they are granted the irrevocable right to be apart of nationally recognized and awarded registered student organizations in the Office of Student Involvement. Students too often graduate without connecting with organizations on campus that exist solely to enhance their campus experience.


“Look at the things you are interested in and join the corresponding student organizations,” says Ryan Kelly SGA’s Attorney General. “Look at the things you are not even interested in and consider joining them.” The message is simple. It is your right to get involved and it is high time you start doing just that.

The student government association funds the office of student involvement so that students can experience much more than just classes at the University of Central Florida.

The full information concerning your membership rights in RSOs can be found in the Golden Rule Handbook under the section UCF-5.006 (students rights and responsibilities). For specific questions on your rights you can contact Office of Student Conduct. To get involved contact the Office of Student Involvement.

A hard copy of Golden Rule Handbook and The Rules of Conduct can be found in the  Office of Student Conduct. For more information on your rights and to receive personal guidance through the student conduct process, be sure contact LaShaunda Hayes, SGA’s Judicial Advisor, at Remember Knight’s Know Their Rights. Stay informed!

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