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Proposed UCF Fee Increases (Fall 2013)

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President Cortez Whatley will be voting on the proposed fee increases at the next Board of Trustees meeting on January 31, 2013 in the Live Oak Center. The meeting will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To make your voice heard contact SGA by commenting on this post, by phone, by email, by Facebook or by Twitter.

Health Fee Increase

Information updated on January 24, 2013. 


  1. To fund one Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner psychiatrist and one part-time dietician.
  2. To fund 4 additional mental health specialists
  3. To fund rapid HIV testing
  4. To fund the Wellness and Health Promotion services marketing efforts


An increase of the Health Fee is requested in the amount of $0.59. It will increase the fee from $10.30 to $10.89.

Effective Date

Fall 2013

Orientation Program Fee Increase

Information updated on January 24, 2013. 


  1. To continue the growth in the orientation program.
  2. To increase the pay of 35 orientation leaders (O-Team) who mentor, guide, and support both new students and parents throughout the year. Their pay of $2,100 for the year to facilitate 31 orientation sessions has not been increased since 2003.


An approval will increase the orientation fee from $35 to $50. This fee  only applies to incoming freshman. 

Effective Date

Spring 2014


Capital Improvement Fee Increase

Information updated on January 24, 2013. 


  1. To continue the renovation of the John C. Hitt Library and to support other planned student services building projects.


The Capital Improvement Fee Committee recommends a fee increase of $2.00 per credit hour.  

Effective Date

Fall 2013

New Education Planning Fee *

Information updated on January 24, 2013. 


  1. This fee will enable predictive analytics to guide student course success and route to graduation.
  2. This fee will also allow the implementation of an enhanced advising system designed to keep students on track with their academic plan. This will increase retention rates and graduation rates while decreasing time-to-degree rates.


This request is for a new Educational Planning Fee of $10 per semester for all undergraduate students.

Effective Date

Fall 2013


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  1. act January 25, 2013  5:37 PM Reply

    No more fee increases!!!!! I love paying $45 for a tech fee in the cellar of MAP where my desk faces perpendicular to the teacher and my row so the tiny room can support 50 ppl. Reduce some of the ridiculous fees (other than athletic fee) and im okay with some of these new ones. But everytime there is a vote to increase fees and tuition it it passes so... ill just deal with the inevitable.

  2. Ryan January 25, 2013  6:38 PM Reply

    We shouldn't increase ANY tuition

  3. Ana Zuniga January 25, 2013  7:22 PM Reply

    uh thanks but no thanks! ucf needs to stop increasing fees for broke college students!

  4. Will January 25, 2013  10:41 PM Reply

    This is horrible and mostly BS. Well played UCF, well played.

  5. memaees January 26, 2013  3:02 PM Reply

    I actually like most of the new increases, because they have properly shown where the funds will be directed and the main purpose of the increase. (To create jobs) However, they should allow these fees to be opt-in and opt-out, because some of them students never use them, like the athletics fee, mental health fee, etc. It varies student to student, so fees would have to be evaluated on an individual student basis. That would also create jobs because there would need to be an elaborate counselor and evaluation system that would require a lot of work.

  6. Mark January 28, 2013  11:16 AM Reply


  7. Alexandra Thomas January 28, 2013  11:16 AM Reply

    No to the $2 and $10 fees! Our tuition is expensive enough as it is and the increases have not stopped since I started here in 2009!!!

  8. Naomi January 28, 2013  11:17 AM Reply

    I do agree that these fees should be optional. I hardly ever use the stuff I pay for in my tuition, although I am glad that it is offered. I like the idea of all of the increases except the last one, i feel that should be offered as a part of the tuition we already pay. UCF is really getting out of hand with all of these "fees." Lets be serious here, how many students actually utilize the stuff that we are paying for!? Lets reevaluate our current fees before adding anymore, please!

  9. Jacob Denkins January 28, 2013  11:17 AM Reply

    The first three are fair and needed. The fourth one may be a bit excessive and unnecessary. The library has already had recent upgrades and being open 24hrs a day would only affect a small number of students that would take advantage of this. The New Education Plan Fee is ridiculous. We should already have these services included in our tuition and that fact that UCF does not have such support already is disappointing. We have counselors already who are already receiving a paycheck. Why do we need to be charged more for them to do the jobs they should already be doing? Please take this into consideration.

  10. Taylor January 28, 2013  11:17 AM Reply

    This is bull. I'm a senior and the O-team increase is a crock. They were very nice during my orientation, but they did nothing for me outside of those two days. UCF is already expensive enough. If they need more money for education, take it from the athletics. People don't come to UCF to become athletic stars, they go to FSU or UF. All these increases suck.

  11. lauren January 28, 2013  11:22 AM Reply

    I agree with the health fee and orientation fee.

    As for the library, I think $2 is too high. It might deserve a bit of an increase, but not the full amount you're allowed to charge by law.

    The education plan fee is not needed at all. Students already have all the resources they need to know what classes to take. Degree Audits, Course Catalogs, and Advisers are around to help. Maybe try making students more aware of these resources instead of creating something brand new.

  12. Mathew January 28, 2013  11:24 AM Reply

    I believe all of these fees are ok except for the o-team pay raise. They applied for that to SERVE the school and are receiving a significant pay as it is.

  13. mtk January 28, 2013  11:25 AM Reply

    I am for all of these increases!

  14. Carolina January 28, 2013  11:27 AM Reply

    STOP INCREASING THE FEES. We aren't all made of money

  15. Lori January 28, 2013  11:32 AM Reply

    I can understand the frustration we feel as students. An increase is an increase, whether you go to the most expensive school or the least expensive. UCF does a decent job of walking that boundary. However I am very disheartened that there is NO supporting documentation for at least the 4th one. We are given these bullet statements, great, but how about some facts and figures to back them up. A link so that it's available but not overwhelming. Aren't we supposed to be learning critical thinking? I can't support any increase without information that supports it. Sorry.

  16. Heather January 28, 2013  11:33 AM Reply

    I don't like the fact that fees are going up per semester or for undergraduate students. I can keep track of my academics just fine. I see an advisor when needed and I know other students do as well. There's no point in raising fees when it's hard enough to pay it off once I graduate. The library doesn't need to be renovated either. It has books, computers and laptops to check out. What else does it need to have? Making it 'look' better is not going to improve students study skills. Please STOP with these unnecessary fees! It's getting ridiculous SGA....

  17. Brittani January 28, 2013  11:34 AM Reply

    I'm in favor of all of them except the 2.00 increase. Classes are expensive enough in this economy!

  18. Kevin January 28, 2013  11:36 AM Reply

    These fees are relatively pointless, with the exception of the health Services one. The library is fine, and I don't need another $10 to my semesterly fee from a new Education Planning fee. When I went to orientation, everything was fine. Better spending needs to be in place at UCF, not fee increases. It would be nice to have one semester where the fees for this school don't increase.

  19. Eve-Lyndssa Mercure January 28, 2013  11:39 AM Reply

    The Health Fee Increase should only apply to those who use UCF Health Services. I don't want to pay for someone else service. The Orientation Program Fee Increase is ridiculous! The O-Teamers are there just to give incoming new UCF students a tour of campus and information needed to be told. They don't really mentor. The Capital Improvement Fee seems a bit much. We have too much fees to begin with! Use the athletics fee for that, that would give you plenty of funding for The Capital Improvement. The New Education Planning Fee really sounds like crap to me as well. Isn't that why we have academic advisors, degree audit, careers services, etc? A fee will not make students graduate earlier.

  20. Becca January 28, 2013  11:45 AM Reply

    The Education Planning fee is completely unnecessary. I don't even think I need a general CAH advisor at all. I'm fine with the rest of the fees, and I love the idea of increasing mental health opportunities. The Education Planning one makes no sense.

  21. Gretchen January 28, 2013  11:53 AM Reply

    I don't agree with any of the fees, the school is fine as is and their programs and facilities are sufficient. Attending this university is expensive enough, and these increases are unnecessary.

  22. Braxton Miller January 28, 2013  11:55 AM Reply

    Any capital improvements should first address the parking problem. Adding classrooms without additional parking is a disservice to current and future students.

  23. Kenno January 28, 2013  12:01 PM Reply

    I don't think we need more increase in the tuition. What you guys should do is to cut the unnecessary spending toward those increase. Pell grant only give 2775 to everyone each semester which is not even enough to pay for classes and books as full time students..

  24. Alexandra Sjoden January 28, 2013  12:04 PM Reply

    The health fee increase is very reasonable and a great idea.

    $50 for required orientation is overkill and most students don't get that much out of it. I already took the tours and met a few people before I even enrolled. The oteam is a nice idea, but they really are not necessary. And the fact that it was 2 days was crazy. If anything it should be reduced.

    The library renovation fund is bogus too. We do not need the library to be 24 hours, there are plenty of other places to study on campus and I do not think it will be that widely used. Those funds should be allocated to renovating the MAP building. Classroom 260 in particular because the springs are actually coming out of the seats... I have gotten holes in my shorts because of this. In my opinion, that is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe we could find some people that need volunteer hours in the leadership program to do the oteam for free and then we can put more money toward the MAP renovation.

    As for the "education planning fee", students needs to just stop being lazy, pick a major and graduate. If they can't handle that in at most 5 years, they should not graduate anyway. That is what community college is for so don't punish all of the hardworking students for the faults of their peers that can't seem to get it together.

    Thank you for giving us, the students, an opportunity to get our voices heard.

  25. Tiffany January 28, 2013  12:13 PM Reply

    No fee increases, thank you.

  26. Robert Martin January 28, 2013  12:20 PM Reply

    No to the Education Planning fee.

  27. Barry January 28, 2013  12:23 PM Reply

    Library improvements what?? The library is fine. I got charged 10 dollars for an overdue book that hasn't been checked out since 2006. Did you notice how they also raised toll prices of the 408 that conveniently runs right into Ucf? Maybe that's why they advertise "buy an epass" right in the middle of the gym! Nickle n diming us!!!

  28. Grace January 28, 2013  12:25 PM Reply

    NO!! I am in enough debt as it is

  29. Ashley January 28, 2013  12:30 PM Reply

    I appreciate the explanation of what the fee increases would contribute to, but of all the increases proposed here, the only one I can really say I think is necessary is the one for Health Services, because I can directly see the benefit it would have. I can understand the reasoning behind the Orientation fee. As for the Education Planning fee - $10 seems a very high charge for something which should be, and at least partially already is, included in tuition. It is also difficult to support this fee when the components of it aren't clearly defined - what does an "enhanced advising system" entail, and how would it be different from or better than the one we are currently using? Altogether, these fee increases come to a total of $12.59 for current students (excluding orientation for incoming freshmen), and that seems like a painful amount following the tuition hike at the beginning of last semester.

  30. Erin H January 28, 2013  12:31 PM Reply

    I agree with everything but the "This request is for a new Educational Planning Fee of $10 per semester for all undergraduate students." I don't see how tacking an extra $10 on to anything is going to better our advisement for graduating quicker except to try to get out of UCF quicker.

  31. Kenny January 28, 2013  12:43 PM Reply

    KEEP INCREASING UNTIL YOU ALL ARE SATISFIED. I don't even want to pay an extra $1.65 for a drink at Subway. WHY? WHY? WHY?
    This is not a problem of lacking money. This is a problem of how the Board spends money. Parking fee increases every year. Guess what? I still park far away.
    about the Health Fee, why not charging nursing students? Do all of UCF students go into nursing school?
    Capital Improvement Fee: how many students study 24 hours in the library?
    New Education Planning Fee: ridiculous! It sounds like we have to pay advisors to do their job better. Do planning courses require money to do?
    But no matter what students' opinions are. The Board will do whatever they like to do.
    I feel like expressing my frustration won't affect the Board's decision.
    Students are not money factories that the school can charge anything they want. We have to loan, work, borrow money to afford for our education.
    Please consider deliberately. The Board should put themselves in students' situation to understand how they feel!

  32. Jenna January 28, 2013  1:05 PM Reply

    The Capital Improvement Fee Increase is ridiculous. Students already pay enough per credit hour. Capital improvement should be taken from profits the university already has. That is your responsibility as a university, not the burden of it's students. Everytime you need to fix something on campus, it should not be the students who pay. You should have managed your budgets well enough to cover it with the revenue you already make. Sorry but otherwise you will increase the fee every 2 years in order to improve some new part of the school. That is NOT OK.

  33. Jenna January 28, 2013  1:09 PM Reply

    The idea of increasing the fee for orientation is also ridiculous. While, yes, the O team should get a raise in order to support students, it should not be directly from the pockets of new students. UCF wants to make it seem like it supports the students financially with higher wages for this on campus job, when in reality UCF is just reallocating debt away from one student and placing it on another.

  34. Jenna January 28, 2013  1:13 PM Reply

    I want to second the comment that said "Any capital improvements should first address the parking problem. Adding classrooms without additional parking is a disservice to current and future students. "

  35. Luke Eddy January 28, 2013  1:15 PM Reply

    No more increases, please! Per credit hour increases are RIDICULOUS in this economy. That means I have to work more hours which means less learning time for me! How does this meet with state of Florida guidelines? Is this even legal?? I protest!

  36. Tom Pylant January 28, 2013  1:23 PM Reply

    The Health Fee increase funds important services that, in most cases, are not and cannot be planned or, are issues with a “short fuse” at best. These are important services and it is encouraging that they are being envisioned and proposed at UCF. We need access to these services and trying to find them outside the UCF community would be difficult and far more expensive.

    The Orientation Fee increase I would hope would be limited to the on-site orientation program. I took the on-line orientation, so I would hope that the cost difference to the university would be considered before the cost of the on-line orientation is raised.

    The Capital Improvement Fee increase, earmarked for the library, and although it is not stated in the scope above but is stated in the email we received, is to include 24 hour library availability is critical, and for a major university, mandatory. The library is the intellectual nerve center for the university. It should not ever be closed while the university is in session.

    The New Education Planning Fee, without further detail is frightening. The university already penalizes students for having too many credits. Students who plan a path that includes significant science and humanities courses are already disadvantaged by the advising process. Quickly achieving a degree is not necessarily the best outcome for every student, particularly students who are accumulating prerequisite courses for varied graduate studies, and especially for students that already have significant professional experience.

    Best of luck with these important deliberations.

  37. Strange' January 28, 2013  1:24 PM Reply


  38. AUCFKnight January 28, 2013  1:32 PM Reply

    This is ridiculous! I don't think we need anymore increases in our tuition! Seriously, there are a few ridiculous fees! I don't even use half the stuff I pay for, so I vote NO! And I think we're functioning well enough without all these extra fees. If you want to take action, reduce or eliminate unnecessary fees. That will do some good, for real!

  39. Adrian January 28, 2013  1:42 PM Reply

    Although I do support the Health Fee & Capital Improvement Fee as they would directly benefit students; the O-Team payment increase and New Education Planning Fee are not going to benefit the student body as a whole for it to be worth supporting.

  40. Tom G. January 28, 2013  1:44 PM Reply

    STOP STOP STOP squeezing us for every penny you can! Read my lips "No new fees!" Stop building fancy gyms and spending our money beautification projects.

    What percentage of the student body has been diagnosed with AIDS?

    O-Team should be volunteer based. Plenty of people would do it. Does UCF really need to keep growing and cheapening our degrees in the process.

    Don't our programs have flow charts that guide us to graduation? Those are free.

    Here's a novel idea...Make UCF affordable!

  41. Joseph January 28, 2013  1:52 PM Reply

    My taxes just went up, cost of living keeps going up and now fees are going up? Why should I pay for “rapid HIV testing” or the “marketing efforts” of the Wellness and Health Promotion services? I understand that infrastructure has to be maintained (is the renovation a necessity?), but what are these “other planned student services building projects” mentioned under the Capital Improvement Fee Increase section?

    Why should all undergraduate students be punished with a $10 fee for the decision of students who choose not to complete their degrees right away? The top brass has this mold that they want everyone to fit into, but their statistics/numbers have, apparently, blinded them to the fact that students are not just numbers that need to be processed, but people. We are all learning, not only about our respective disciplines, but about ourselves. Decisions will be made and no amount of persuasion (I mean advisement) is going to change that.

  42. Chris January 28, 2013  2:37 PM Reply

    No way does the advising department deserve any sort of fee.

    The advising teams throughout the college that I have encountered are terrible at their jobs and barely know about the majors they are supposed to be advising for. On several occasions I had to correct an adviser who was giving me wrong information about classes and would have lead me to graduating later if I had followed their advice. The sad thing is that I have heard from other students that this adviser has done the same thing to other students and has actually lead them off track for their major. Even more sad, this is a continuous thing I hear about advisers in several departments - clearly the problem is University-wide.

    There is no reason to make a fee that rewards this terrible behavior and clear negligence on the job. The advising department as a whole is too top-heavy; it needs to be slimmed down and the dead weight needs to be taken off. That would save money and put advisers that actually care about their job in contact with students.

  43. Jolene January 28, 2013  2:44 PM Reply

    No more increases!! Please!! Budget the funds better. Take money from promotional stuff to fulfill any extra money that is needed. Additionally, we can take money from some of the profit made from textbooks. Ucf is already a multi billion dollar and for profit school.

  44. Mairim Perez January 28, 2013  3:30 PM Reply

    I say no to all of these increases! These increases are unnecessary. I hardly use the things I pay for with my tuition. The library is fine and does not need change. We already have a hard time paying for our education.

  45. Camilla January 28, 2013  3:33 PM Reply

    No fee increase please. I voted for you because you proposed a 24h gym when you ran for SGA president, where the hell has it gone? Of course UCF board of bs will vote yes on the fee increase. Why doesn't ucf use our tuition money wiser, instead of increasing fee EVERY year

  46. Wendy January 28, 2013  3:40 PM Reply

    Really? how would you renovate this library? Everytime I study here, I have to walk all around looking for a plug. Where does my tuition go? Into Hitt's pocket and the SGA president's pocket also?
    The SGA people get thousand of dollar in salary for running around campus and telling lies, and we student have to pay for these stupid fees.

  47. Brianne January 28, 2013  4:00 PM Reply

    No more increases!! It is already ridiculous enough the amount of money we pay to go to school here at UCF and the amount of money it is to live in the Orlando area. Students can not afford anymore!!!

  48. Pamela Belitch January 28, 2013  4:01 PM Reply

    I fail to see how a $10/semester "Education Planning" fee will motivate the academic advisers to be any more helpful than they have been in the past in ensuring that students are aware of the credits they need to graduate on time. For one thing, students should be responsible enough to check their degree audits for themselves and to make sure they ask questions about it if they don't understand. But regardless, if the issue we're facing here is poor advising then I just don't understand how the fee increase will absolve that. Advisers should be well trained regardless.

  49. K January 28, 2013  4:14 PM Reply

    I do not believe we need anymore fee increases because for the most part the funds are never truly allocated to where they said they would go. Also, we do not need to hire new personal because the ones we have could either receive more training and a slight pay increase. I do not understand why the O-team members need a pay increase. The current pay grade seems sufficient enough. Their job is to be accessible and guide to incoming freshman. $2100 is above and beyond great pay.

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  51. broke college kid January 28, 2013  4:36 PM Reply

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! tuition is high enough as it is. We dont need a new library thats going to make people lazier and cost us. Infact we should lower our tuition! Im tired of paying for things that i do not use and on top of thay we just raised tuition...AGAIN!!!

  52. Mike January 28, 2013  5:04 PM Reply

    The orientation Fee increase is a great idea and is definitely needed. Students that only grow through orientation don't see all the work O-teamers do. Much of what the Orientation staff does is behind the scenes and is truly beneficial to student success. And they definitely need the pay increase! But I think the pay increase should go towards this current team for the upcoming summer.

  53. Alexis January 28, 2013  5:20 PM Reply

    A library renovation is in need however, that should have been done far before adding another gym. I oppose these fee increases. I have already started taking some of my classes at Valencia due to fee increases at UCF.

    There should not be an increase to the orientation program fee or the new education planning fee. The current methods are sufficient.

  54. Lisa January 28, 2013  5:27 PM Reply

    DO NOT increase our tuition. I already receive no money back with my scholarships, my parents don't need to pay even more when we are gaining nothing

    • James January 29, 2013  12:10 PM Reply

      Get a job and don't mooch off your parents for everything? You are an adult now...

  55. Alyssa Marie Williams January 28, 2013  6:33 PM Reply

    This is just kind excessive. The O-teamer thing is stupid they didn't do much expect show you around >,< my oteamer told us false information about UCF and tried to pressure us into living on campus and buying meal plans. The advising thing is stupid WHY isn't it already in place? Gah UCF never ceases to amaze me they have a fee ffor everthing but beg for more money. I would be ok if there was a small like 1 dollar a credit hour for something that would get better supplies for the labs on campus or better programs and not horrible professors

  56. Ruth January 28, 2013  7:43 PM Reply

    I disagree on the health fee. I think that either the number of additional mental health specialists should be reduced and the amount charged for that as well. I also disagree on the educational planning fee. If you can't figure out how to stay on track to graduate after your first year of advising here at UCF...something is obviously wrong. I do agree that the library could use some renovations done on it.

  57. Kenny January 28, 2013  7:53 PM Reply

    Deleting my comment? Not cool man. I was just voicing my opinion and it got turned down. I absolutely said nothing offensive or insulting.
    SGA needs to listen to the "most frustrating student"

  58. CH January 28, 2013  8:23 PM Reply

    I suggest that you all do a fundraiser or volunteer your money to pay for all that. We're good on this end, we're already paying for a lot of services that we don't even use.

  59. Nicole Beland January 28, 2013  10:32 PM Reply

    Without trying to push the broke college student aspect, I still disagree with most of the new fee proposals.
    The fee to continue to improve the library is also extensive - students who are taking 5 classes at 3 credit hours each are going to have to pay an extra $30 per semester which could instead be used to rent a used textbook although that's only if you're lucky.
    I also don't agree with the new education planning fee. At all. Not just because I'm a student who doesn't want to pay more for tuition, but because we already have advisers available for us to assist us in the decisions to make it toward graduation - we don't need any "predictive analytics."
    I won't say that I disagree too harshly with the orientation fee but I have two reasons: one is that it doesn't affect me, but the second is that it seems as though the O-Teamers should probably be able to get even just a little more help; after all, it's been a full decade since their last pay increase.

  60. Marina January 28, 2013  10:45 PM Reply

    I don't think any of these improves our education which is essentially what we want our fees to cover. Please do not add more fees for the few plaguing the many.

  61. Ryan January 28, 2013  10:58 PM Reply

    Health and Orientation are fine. I would meet in the middle on capital improvement. $2 is too much. Maybe $1 would be fine. No to the education planning.

  62. Jesse January 28, 2013  11:12 PM Reply

    I cannot support this increase, The Education Planning fee sounds like a real waste to me, thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions but I have barely enough money as it is.

  63. Morgan January 28, 2013  11:16 PM Reply

    I agree with the Health fee. I partially agree with Orientation and New Education Planning fee- I'd consent to an increase but not as high as proposed. (Perhaps $40, $50 seems a bit excessive for orientation. And $5 or less for the Education Planning.) I do not see a need for the Capital Improvement increase.

  64. Jahi January 29, 2013  12:07 AM Reply

    How do you expect us to "tighten our belts"! These increases are ALL unnecessary things that have no reason to be in tuition and as for the New Education Planning Fee, we have this wonderful invention called Google so I think us college kids will manage without it.

  65. Brandy Watts January 29, 2013  12:50 AM Reply

    I do believe, and I speak for a plethora of students, tuition is high enough as well all struggle to pay for the astronomical rates! For the first increase on student orientation, how does UCF expect students to truly fall in love with this amazing college if they cannot even afford to attend the orientation? Fifty dollars for one student to attend is outrageous. Not to mention the additional fees for their family and/or family to attend. It states that their pay has not been increased sense 2003, but our tuition has every year! The fee for the renovation of the library is also not needed. That two dollar per credit hour increase will stack up quick! Why renovate a library that is in perfect condition, can hold hundreds of students at a time with great seating, over a hundred computers, a café, and thousands of books and resources available? The 24 hour addition is also unnecessary as well, as it will only affect just a tiny portion of the 30,000+ students on campus. There is also many more resources for a 24 hour facility to study. The ten dollar “New Education Planning Fee” is also unnecessary for an enhanced advising system when there are counselors that get paid to do this already.

  66. Jason January 29, 2013  1:50 AM Reply

    I support the health fee. It's cheap and seems to have a lot of value.

    As for the education planning fee, before making a new program I suggest the other colleges take after the college of engineering's flow charts. It is very clear to me the order I must take my classes in order to graduate on time because of the flow chart. 4-year plans are very rigid and don't offer insight into pre-reqs. I don't think many engineers end up spending extra time at UCF as a result of poor class planning.

    The capital improvement could offer a lot of benefit but it's not clear what the extra $2 gets us. Without knowing that I can't support it.

    I'm not sure if now is the time to increase upfront costs for entering the university, so the orientation cost perhaps should not rise. I understand the O-Team could use a rise in pay to keep it competitive with other part-time jobs but perhaps having it lower brings in people who care more

    I am against the comments that suggest opt-in/opt-out. Our benefits as a whole are greatly increased when we all participate. It is guaranteed you won't use some benefits as much as others, but others won't use some as much as you. The advantage of everyone pooling their funds is that not every one will need to take advantage of these benefits at the same time, but everyone will be able to take advantage of them during their student career. When you make it opt-in/opt-out your cost for what you want can increase noticeably. Let's take care of each other.

  67. Christy January 29, 2013  8:57 AM Reply

    Definite yes to the orientation fee raise.... iffy on some of the other ones. Honestly, I agree with where most of the fees are going towards and appreciate the details given. That being said, I am extremely doubtful that the fee going towards "enhancing our advising" will actually have any effect. We already have so many advising programs, yet there are so many advisers who don't even know how to use common tools such as our degree audit! (Yes, this is from personal experience with more than one adviser) That money should go towards re-training, or re-staffing... something that will actually yield results, not just fund a new program with the same issues.

    In the future it would be nice if students could choose to "opt out" of certain fees that they would then no longer receive. I realize that would take a lot of planning effort, but an example would be the gym fee... there are a lot of students who never use the gym, or plan to use our gym. I'm sure if we broke down the fees, there might be at least a small amount some would choose not to use. I realize this may be optimistic thinking, because it effects budgets and payrolls and other factors, but just thought I would throw it out there.

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  69. Maya January 29, 2013  9:26 AM Reply

    Please no new fees! I'm already going into debt, I don't need any more!

  70. AF January 29, 2013  9:36 AM Reply

    Why should we pay a fee to help keep all students on track? It's their money to waste on unnecessary classes. It's not students problems to have all there peers on track. Its not that hard to follow the degree plans. No to all fee increases, can we seriously not go a year without an increase? UCF already gets enough money from tuition. College students are already poor enough if you increase fees...well there goes our money to eat or buy gas.

  71. Sean Klover January 29, 2013  10:05 AM Reply

    I am in full support of a health fee increase, as each of the outlined purposes is needed on campus, especially having good mental health services. This is paramount to make sure we have a safe university.

    Although I am a graduate student who has not experienced the orientation program, I can understand that the orientation leaders' pay has not been raised in 10 years. However, I do not feel that a full $15 increase is necessary. Perhaps only a modest $5 increase would allow us to raise orientation leaders' pay without being too drastic.

    I understand that our library is a very important aspect of our being an institution of learning. However, I am not convinced a 24-hour aspect is necessary at this time. I feel that capital improvement should be made on a per-student basis; in other words, perhaps a flat $8 per student per semester fee for full-time students is more appropriate, with this amount prorated for part-time students. Ultimately, we need to evaluate where the money is going for this, so that the dollars are spent going to what benefits the greatest number of students.

    As a graduate student, I cannot comment on the effectiveness of our current advising program. However, in speaking on behalf of undergraduate students, I do not believe that throwing money at the problem is the solution. I still believe that the most effective form of advising is "good old fashioned" face-to-face contact between students and caring advisors. With the stories I have heard regarding advising, perhaps we need to look at the personnel involved and make improvements there first.

  72. jkk09 January 29, 2013  10:40 AM Reply

    No more fee increases. We need decreases.

    • David January 29, 2013  11:50 AM Reply

      Budgets are tight for everyone now days, and I can relate. Tuition is harder to pay for and price increases aren't always favorable. Yet, sometimes they are really needed.

      1) Health Fee Increase - I have never used any of these services nor do I ever plan on using them. Yet, this does not mean that others do. I would like to know exactly why we are hiring more people for health services. Is there really a need, and are there enough students that require these people to be hired to support them? If so, then I am okay with the increase in this area. If not, then definitely no!

      2) Orientation Program Fees - I think the fee hike to $50 is a bit excessive for any orientation. The orientation was nice, but not really that helpful. I didn't get much out of it, and there was definitely no contact after that. I don't see why there should be an increase. So, I don't support this.

      3) Capital Improvement Plan - I don't see any need to improve the library, and "other building plans". It is too vague, and I don't like it. If this money is going to go towards the library being open 24/7, I still don't want the increase. If the details of where exactly the money was going was disclosed, then possibly, but for now, definitely no.

      4) New Education Planning Fee - I don't think this will help out much at all. From my personal experience, I think improvement on current adviser and student communication and initial contact would be better than an "advanced advising system". Sometimes students take longer to graduate because they have to work a job to pay tuition.So, this wouldn't help them, and what more could they really do?? So, no.

  73. Shequette January 29, 2013  10:45 AM Reply

    The Education Planning fee is completely unnecessary. I don't even think I need a general CAH advisor at all. I'm fine with the rest of the fees, and I love the idea of increasing mental health opportunities. The Education Planning one makes no sense.

  74. John C January 29, 2013  10:58 AM Reply

    I support Health Fee and Capital Improvement Fee increases and am against Orientation Program Fee and New Education Planning Fee increases. The fees supported are campus resources that merit improving. For the Capital Improvement Fee, funds should be dispersed to all libraries, not just the Hitt Library, if a charge per credit hour is implemented on all students. More information needs to be provided on fund usage and planning for the Orientation Program Fee and New Education Planning Fee increases. (e.g. How will current orientation programs be evaluated? What are the feedback mechanisms for improvement, aside from the workers and incoming students? What will the new education planning model be?)

  75. Alanna O January 29, 2013  11:23 AM Reply

    All of these fees are fine with me. It's the idiotic amount we pay for football that bothers me. Pay my teachers, pay my doctors, renovate the library (we all know it needs it) and keep up with rec and wellness center. Maybe even start offering more healthy food options on campus, that'd be really nice. But stop building more classrooms - we have so many buildings on campus already! It boggles the mind. There is no way all of those classrooms are used efficiently if we still need more space. I would rather see renovation in the older buildings (like the Math and Physics building!!)

    A few people on here seem to think that letting kids opt out of some fees would be acceptable; they must not understand that the fees listed are very small only because so many people are splitting the bill.

  76. James January 29, 2013  12:07 PM Reply

    As an undergrad, I support all the proposed fee increases. It's not much money to the individual person, but when everyone is paying, it adds up. To those complaining: the total increase is going to be less than $20 a semester. If you are so broke you cannot afford an extra $40 a year, then maybe you need to revisit your finances and cut out a lot of your unnecessary expenditures. You're in school, you're here to learn, not to party.

  77. Cristina Rucabado January 29, 2013  4:09 PM Reply

    Although the O-Teamers did a fabulous job at orientation, and they do deserve some reward for their time and effort spent, outside of those few days i havent even really spoken to my Oteam mentor, so although she was a wonderful person she wasnt very helpful. I have been and still am against paying for orientation. Yes the presentations were flashy but the 4 dollar sandwhiches and chips for the two days were not nearly enough to cover a 35 dollar orientation fee. I'm already paying for classes, why do we have to pay for information that a pamphlet can give us? Or a tour of the school; it's not that great, we're not a museum or a national landmark you know. As for the health fee, I'm rather indifferent as I don't use those services but I feel the bullet point descriptions are a little too vague and fluffy, great, faster HIV tests; I've heard they now offer at home HIV tests, so it really doesn't seem like much of an achievement.
    The education planning fee is a bit excessive and redundant, as many have said before me. We have academic advisors that are supposed to do that already, and it's the students choice to use those resources, not yours to force us to use them. Quite frankly it's not a new program that we need to pay for, it's a new method thy you need to develop in the system with the resources you already have. You won't make the school any better by throwing money at it if the programs and systems that run it are at fault in the first place. If you don't think our academic advisors are producing the results you want, then retrain them! I'd rather pay for that, than have to pay for a secondary advisor when the first one is still just as ineffective as before.

  78. Jared Schorr January 29, 2013  6:39 PM Reply

    Hell no! Why should I have to pay more for better advising And a psychiatrist? Do what we did as kids in school; a damn fundraiser.

  79. Laura January 29, 2013  7:28 PM Reply

    I am an out of state online student. I have only been on campus once and have contacted an advisor twice. I do not benefit from renovations or extended Library hours. I also would not benefit from the Education Planning because I set the pace for the completion of my degree based on my work, home and fiancial status. I am not sure if some of these fees would affect my tuition but I am against any increase for services that do not directly impact online students. Being a native Floridian it was important that I complete my degree with UCF and because I am so close to finishing I have accepted the cost of out of state fees. My tuition has increased every year since 2007. Please reconsider your proposed fee increase.

  80. Jessica S. January 29, 2013  10:22 PM Reply

    Does it even matter what we say here? They've probably already made up their minds...

  81. Justin January 30, 2013  1:18 AM Reply

    The increase of $0.59 Cents for improved health care services is more than fair and I would be happy to pay it. However the Capital Improvement Fee Increase only improves services for students attending class on the UCF - Orlando campus. Any students who attend satellite campuses would basically pay more money for services they cannot use. The New Education Planning Fee is completely unneeded. I have only visited an advisor twice in almost 2 years of attending UCF. To ask students to pay $10 more per semester for services they rarely, if ever, use is just ridiculous.

  82. Mike January 30, 2013  9:46 AM Reply

    It concerns me greatly that the largest school in the nation STILL does not have such basic amenities- no, necessities- as a 24-hour library and health center. Shouldn't our money be going towards furthering our students' academic endeavors, as opposed to.. well, where /is/ it going? Despite the recent 15% tax hike, the UCF campus continues to provide an embarrassingly barren set of resources in comparison to other Florida state schools. I find it hard to support an increase fees when it seems their are many places UCF could cut down on in order to focus on what is important. The last ones that should have to pay for frivolous management should be students, although the tax hike shows they already have. In regards to each specific fee: Those who participate in O-teams are doing so voluntary- even then, I believe other incentives could be offered before students should be charged so heavily a fee for their pay rise. In reference to the Capital Improvement Trust Fund fee increase, I point again to the 15% tax hikes and the already high tuition- could we not pull those $2.00 per student from another area in order to focus on renovating our dated library and having it run 24/7- something even the smallest colleges offer? The $10 Education Planning fee is particularly ludicrous; I have met with counselors from multiple colleges and departments of UCF with no trouble at all. The resources are certainly there for students, it is up to them to take advantage of them. I honestly don't believe we need a better advising system. Similarly, I have friends who have taken advantage of the campus mental health facilities and have told me how accessible and helpful they are. Perhaps UCF should focus more on expanding it's basic amenities, promoting heavily the ones it already has, and supporting it's students instead of burdening them with more unnecessary fees.

  83. Lorena January 30, 2013  8:35 PM Reply

    I dont find the increases necessary AT ALL. Specifically:
    (A) students with HIV will be positive regardless of how quickly they get their test results back
    (B) the library is not in need of "renovations"
    I trust SGA will vote in accordance with the student body

  84. Kendra January 31, 2013  11:02 AM Reply

    I am ok and understand each fee increase, except for the New Education Planning Fee. It is a complete waste of our money and the schools time. We did not need this enhanced advising system lsat year and we do not need it next year.

  85. angela January 31, 2013  1:06 PM Reply

    The only one i agree with is the health fee.

  86. Manney January 31, 2013  7:08 PM Reply

    Instead of MILKING the UCF students further as the bottomless cash cows the college believes them to be, how about CUTTING some of the WASTE in their FAT budget? I am sure students have a long list of junk the college spends money on,


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