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The Beginning of Fall Starts With You

As the Summer semester comes to a close, so to do the sun-filled beach days and bright memories of the past month. In its stead comes the potential that is Fall semester, the doorway to a new year and limitless possibilities. For some of you this will be your first foray into the UCF experience and we welcome you with open arms. Black and gold will soon come to be colors you fall in love with and wear with pride. For others, you might be returning for your next (maybe even your last) year and cannot wait to see what surprises await you.

This summer has given the Student Government Association a lot of time to think and figure out our approach to the student body this year. SGA is an organization of under and upperclassmen alike whose goal is to advocate for the student population. We push to make the changes that you want to see so you can look back and say that these were the best years of your life. Our job in SGA is to represent your issues on both an administrative and state level and sustain an enjoyable campus climate.

Starting next semester we hope to revolutionize our approach to your needs. At the end of the day, when we walk out of our office, there is no difference between us.

We are all Knights, and we all want our time here to be an unforgettable experience.

Your voice is our voice and we not only want it to be heard, but taken seriously. Our slogan this year is “Your Vision, Our Mission” and we want to make every effort to stand by this. This is your university and you have the power to shape it, so start the conversation.

This Fall, we want to provide you with a place for discussion. Push our buttons. Ask us questions. Surprise us. Let us know what you want us to focus on. Give us a chance to know you better so we can serve your better. And with that, here is to an amazing year.

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