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Tips From A Senator: Week 1


    • Tips #1 :

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Student Senate and there is a vacant seat in your college, you can apply for the position and possibly be appointed by the Student Body President, Cortez Whatley. If not,  Senate elections are held every fall. More information can be found  on the SGA website.


    • Tips #2 :

As the legislative branch of SGA, Senate is tasked with appropriately allocating the Activity and Service Fees to various buildings on campus, agencies, registered student organizations, and individuals.

Senate is also aids in the creation of and the passing of the Activity and Service Fee Budget prior to each fiscal year. Aside from fiscal matters, all presidential appointments must be confirmed by the Senate.

Serving as the voice of the students, Senators can also draft resolutions to express the sentiments of the students.


    • Tips #3 :

Senate  meets every Thursday at 7:00 pm in the Key West Ballroom located in the Student Union. As a governing agency in the State of Florida, we are required to maintain and uphold the Sunshine Laws, so every meeting is open to all students, faculty, and individual alike.

If you are an RSO or student looking for assistance from Jaclyn Graham, Senate President Pro Tempore, and Ryan Grail, Campus Relations Committee Chair, are here for you.

Each week they will be providing 3 tips that RSO’s and students can use to make the most of their student experience when seeking funding for events and conferences. They will also be providing interested students with resources and info on how to get involved with Senate.

For more information email Senate Graham at or Senator Grail at

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